Why Choose Adoption?

adopted child with parents

Adoption offers a positive outcome an unplanned pregnancy. Your courageous choice to place your baby for adoption can be helpful to you, to the baby, and to the adoptive family.


You will receive ample support and counseling during and after the adoption process. Financial and medical assistance will be available to you. You will choose a family for your child, blessing them with an amazing gift. Please remember that you are courageously giving your baby opportunities beyond your own ability; bringing happiness to a loving family who is eagerly waiting to provide for a child; and giving yourself the opportunity to grow and pursue your dreams.


You have given your child life, and you have chosen to offer him/her the best opportunities by choosing adoption. You have chosen a family that will love and provide for your child in ways that your own situation may not allow. Your child will receive the love and support of an adoptive family with full emotional and financial support.

Adoptive Family

The dream of adding a child to their family will be fulfilled. Depending on your wishes, they may have the opportunity to be present at prenatal care medical appointments and at labor and delivery. The selection of pre-approved families that Adoption Network of Colorado offers have been carefully selected and screened to ensure they can adequately love and provide for your baby. As the birth mother, you have the right to choose the adoptive family for your child.