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About the Colombia Host-to-Adopt Program

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Colombia provides a unique opportunity for select adoptable children, aged 10-15, to participate in sponsored vacation trips to host families in the US. The aim is to foster connections between the children and prospective adoptive families in the US, potentially leading to a lifelong family bond created by adoption. During these trips, children stay with a "host" family—individuals or couples considering adoption—and immerse themselves in the host family’s life while sharing in various vacation activities.

This unique program not only offers children residing in institutions or foster care in the care of the Colombian government welfare system (ICBF) an enriching experience they might otherwise miss but also exposes them to the dynamics of a healthy family life. For host parents it provides an opportunity to assess compatibility with older children and explore the potential for adoption. Should the host family decide to adopt, the process may be expedited. This approach allows prospective parents and children to familiarize themselves with each other before committing to adoption, facilitating a smoother transition into family life.

Host Family Requirements

If you are interested in adopting an older child or sibling group from Colombia after hosting the child, then this program is for you! It is imperative that you pre-qualify through International Adoption Net (IAN) to ensure that you meet Colombia's requirements for adoption before committing your time, money and emotions to hosting a child that you may or may not qualify to adopt.

IAN’s program is geared toward adoption between the child and host family, which is why we pre-qualify applicants for adoption prior to hosting. Here are some basics of the requirements.


The vacation program occurs in the US and applicants must currently live in the US.  


At least one person in the marriage must be a US Citizen which is also required of single applicants as well.

Age Requirements

There should be no more than 59 years age difference between the child and oldest host/adoptive parent.

Marital Status

  • Married heterosexual and same-sex couples who have been married for at least 2 years.
  • If single, must be at least 25 years old and no older than 59.


PAPs must demonstrate the means to support the physical and educational needs of the child.


Anyone using psychotropic medication (such as for anxiety or anti-depression, etc.) with a history of psychiatric conditions, or with a chronic or debilitating illness or criminal history should please speak with us first.


  • All applicants and adults 18 and older living in the host home will be required to get an FBI clearance, child abuse clearance in your state of residence, speak face-to-face at least once with a social worker, submit letters of reference, be medically and emotionally fit to host, and parent a child.
  • All applicants are required to complete a mini-home study and 10 hours of pre-adoption education and 10 hours of program preparation at their own expense.
  • Colorado residents will complete a mini home study and Colorado-specific training prior to hosting children, per Colorado adoption requirements.

Who can be hosted?

All the children must be legally free for adoption before joining the program. From a potential adoption standpoint this significantly reduces the chance of risk in not being able to adopt the child after bonding during the vacation. If the host parents decide to adopt the child, the child also has the right to decide about being adopted by their host parent/s. Usually all parties are in agreement.

The children are interviewed prior to selection in the program, to learn about his/her life, interests and dreams of the future. This supplements what we will learn about the child through review of his/her documents and conversation with his/her social worker/psychologist.  Host families will be provided with information from these interviews and a translated copy of the child’s report containing information about the child, their history, any diagnoses, interests, behaviors and needs.


Individual children ages 10-15, and some sibling groups who meet ICBF criteria, are authorized to participate in the program. It is not possible to host a single child or sibling group who are under the age of 10.


The children are usually medically healthy with mild or correctable other special characteristics such as school delays, history of trauma, mild behavior challenges, ADHD, etc.

Travel Requirements

  • Host families must be willing to travel to receive -- and then return the child -- to the US port of entry where the kids will arrive to and depart from, and are responsible to pay for their and the child's airfare to/from/to that city, all the child's activities, food, clothing and needs during the hosting program.
  • These expenses are additional to the Program Fee and paid by the host family.
  • The children may not be taken out of the US during the program or left in the care of anyone other than an approved host parent and may not be sent to camp.

Cost Estimates

Based on prior hosting programs, IAN Hosting Program service fee is estimated to be $2700 plus $600 for each additional sibling being hosted.

Program Dates Winter 2024

If you would like to host during the winter holidays, let us know. Dates have not yet been announced. If you’d like to receive notice when dates and fees have been finalized, please email us at

Benefits of hosting with the intent to adopt

  • Hosting a Colombian child through the ICBF program isn't just about spending quality time together—it's about exploring the concept of becoming a family through adoption. By welcoming a child into your home as one of your own, you not only can build a meaningful connection before committing to adoption, but you also benefit from a slightly faster process.
  • ICBF processes these children a bit quicker through the adoption process, meaning you can expect to complete your adoption a little faster than through traditional channels. However, to fully capitalize on this opportunity, we strongly encourage host families to complete a full home study beforehand. This step ensures that your adoption process remains efficient, potentially saving you months off the wait time compared to families without a home study.
  • If you've ever felt uncertain about adopting an older child, this program is designed for you. It allows you and the child to test the waters, experiencing family life together and forging bonds before making a permanent commitment. It's not just hosting—it's a pathway to creating a forever family, enriched by the unique experiences and connections forged during this special time.
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