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IAN's Story

Our mission is to "Link kids with opportunity." Our goal is to guide children home to their forever families while prioritizing the best interests of the child. We do this through our various adoption programs, providing loving families for children across the world.

We are committed to welcoming and providing services to all individuals and families, regardless of color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression/identity, national origin, veteran status, or different abilities. All humans deserve a loving, safe, and healthy home.

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The story of how IAN got started


IAN was incorporated as a full service adoption agency in Greenwoods Village, Colorado by Joan Strauss.


IAN received non-profit status. The first office was a room in a church.

The plan was to only do home studies and start an adoption program with China.

Unfortunately, China was not accepting new agencies at this time.

We decided to open other county programs: Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ukraine, Mexico, Bulgaria


IAN had experienced a significant jump in applications and adoptive families seeking placement assistance, providing services to over 100 families each year.


IAN received its Hague Accreditation by the Colorado Dept of Human Services, ranking it among a select group of adoption agencies nationwide which operate with the highest ethical standards.


Started the India Program in 2014.

Ethiopia closed their international adoption program in 2018.

Uganda changed their adoption laws drastically which forced IAN to close the Uganda program.


It has been a fulfilling journey with our team completing over 800 adoptions nationwide, from every region to the globe.

Our team has also grown from 1 to 15. And we are just getting started.

There are over a million kids left to bring to safe and loving homes.

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We are proud to be Accredited and provide high quality care to mothers and adoptive parents.

The Department of State maintains a heavy involvement in all international adoptions. They have designated two accreditation agencies for the approval of adoption service providers. They are the Council of Accreditation and the Colorado Department of Human Services. It is crucial to work with an accredited adoption agency - as we are. The accreditation agencies perform a range of tasks:
  • Determining whether adoption agencies are eligible for approval
  • Monitoring these agencies' performance
  • Investigating any complaints
  • Taking disciplinary action if needed
  • Determining whether an agency is eligible for renewal
  • Collecting important data
  • Transferring and keeping track of records

US Dept of State Oversight

IAAME Hague Approval Valid Through July 1, 2024

National Council for Adoption Member

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