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FAQs About International Adoption Net

Can IAN assist me with an adoption if I live outside of Colorado?
Is IAN Hague Accredited?
How much assistance can I expect from IAN throughout the adoption process?
Does IAN offer post-adoption support and resources for their adoptive families?
Can IAN provide my Home Study services?
How do I begin my adoption journey with IAN?

FAQs About Adoption Process

How do I choose the right country program?
How do I locate a licensed home study agency in my area?
What are the age requirements to adopt?
Can I adopt if I have other children?
Are there minimum income requirements to adopt?
Do I have to own a home in order to adopt?
Can single adoptive parents adopt?
Approximately how much does it cost to adopt internationally?
Approximately how long is the process to adopt internationally?
Will I be required to travel to the foreign country?

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