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IAN Services for Birth Mothers

IAN understands how stressful and frightening an unplanned pregnancy is for many women. Fortunately, we offer women the resources they need to navigate this phase of their lives.

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Compassionate Adoption Resources for Birth Mothers

We offer women the resources birth mothers need to navigate an unplanned preganancy in their lives. If parenting your child is not an option, you should know our agency has helped countless children find loving and supportive homes. More importantly, we have a large staff of compassionate counselors who are capable of guiding you through this trying time.

We can help you make sense of your fears and uncertainties and suggest solutions that are best for you and your baby. We want what is best for you and your child. If you decide to parent your baby, we will direct you toward resources to help you. If you choose to put your child up for adoption, you can rest easy knowing we have the resources needed.

Services for Pregnant Women:

We believe any mother who considers adoption as a potential option is courageous. You will never experience judgment when you work with our team. Instead, you will receive support. We work hard to establish trust and demonstrate we care about you and your child. We'll be with you every step of the way.

Free Pregnancy Counseling

Financial Assistance for pregnancy related expenses

Open, semi-open, and close adoptions

One-on-One Relinquishment Counseling

Customized Selection of pre-approved adoptive families

Free Legal Services and Emotional Support

Financial Assistance with your Pregnancy

Finances can have a major impact on your decision when considering your pregnancy options. Most women have worries about resources and costs when they learn they are pregnant.

How will the medical bills be covered?
Will adoption cost me anything?

Living Expenses

  • Many states allow adoptive families to assist the birth mother with pregnancy-related expenses. IAN can help you obtain financial assistance.
  • You may receive help with living expenses such as rent and food, as well as maternity clothes, and transportation costs.
  • Colorado does regulate the number of birth parent expenses we are allowed to provide.

Medical Expenses

  • IAN will also help you apply for benefits to cover your medical expenses as provided by Medicaid and/or private medical insurance.
  • If no such support is available, the adoptive parents will help you with the medical expenses.

Attorney & Agency Fees

  • There is nothing for you to worry about. We will handle every detail of the process.
  • We also cover all the attorney and agency counseling fees. Every detail of your legal work will be provided to you at no cost.

Process for Birth Mothers

IAN Application

  • Apply to IAN and submit all necessary paperwork to initiate services.
  • Inform IAN of the Country adopting from and your international adoption agency.

Home Visit and Report

  • A social worker will contact you to conduct home visits.
  • A social worker will complete the report which will include background checks, interviews, a home inspection, training requirements, physicals, and collection of required copies of documents.

Adoption Training

Training classes are required by the State of Colorado and IAN. Prospective adoptive parent(s) will attend IAN's in-person two-day core training required by the State of Colorado.

Post Home Study Report, IAN will:

  • Submit to Colorado State for approval
  • Submit to your international adoption agency
  • Assist and submit to immigration

Post Adoption Assistance

  • IAN will conduct a Post Adoption video meeting once arriving home in the United States.
  • Dependent upon country and court requirements, post-adoption home visits and reports will be conducted.
  • A social worker will conduct an in-home visit within two weeks of arriving home and monthly visits until adoption is finalized.
  • Ongoing support and resources will be provided.

Adoption Validation

Re-validate or finalize adoption (country dependent) in the State of Colorado through the court system in order to receive the U.S. Birth Certificate for you child.

    Adoption Process Chart for Birth Mothers
    Our coordinators have guided 100's of families and are ready to help you.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why choose adoption?
    Who will help me explore my options?
    Will the adoptive parents take good care of my child?
    Can I choose a family for my baby?
    How do I choose the family to raise my child?
    Can I meet the family I choose?
    Are there other birthparents I can talk to about my decision?
    Will I be able to see my baby in the hospital?
    How soon after the birth will the baby go to the parents I choose?
    How do I know my baby will be well cared for if I choose a cradle care family?
    What will my baby know about me?
    Does the father of the baby have any rights?
    What kind of financial assistance will your agency offer me?
    What kind of interaction can I have with my child in the future?
    Will my child wonder why I placed him or her for adoption?
    What will my baby think of me over the years?
    Why am I placing my child for adoption?

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