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What is a Home Study?

A home study is a pre-placement report that evaluates your ability to parent. This report is required for adoption domestically, internationally, foster care, and foster to adopt.

The process can take between three to four months to complete. The process concludes with a written report that your caseworker creates about your family.

Choose a Home Study Provider:

Hague Accredited

In order for an adoption agency to do international adoption in the United States, it must be accredited. There are two accredited entities: IAAME and CRES. International Adoption Agencies area audited every 4 years to get re-accredited. To find a Hague Accredited International Home Study Provider, go to Hague ASP Agencies.

Non-Hague Agencies

There are multiple adoption agencies across the United States that are not Hague-accredited. These agencies' services can include domestic adoption and home study only. When looking for a home study agency, it is helpful to find one that is local. The fee to review a home study conducted by a non-Hague agency will be $500 since IAN is acting as the accredited agency.

IAN's Home Study Process

IAN can be a Home Study Only Agency for prospective adoption parent(s) who reside in Colorado but working with another IAN.

IAN Application

  • Apply to IAN and submit all necessary paperwork to initiate services.
  • Inform IAN of the Country adopting from and your international adoption agency.

Home Visit and Report

  • A social worker will contact you to conduct home visits.
  • A social worker will complete the report which will include background checks, interviews, a home inspection, training requirements, physicals, and collection of required copies of documents.

Adoption Training

Training classes are required by the State of Colorado and IAN. Prospective adoptive parent(s) will attend IAN's in-person two-day core training required by the State of Colorado.

Post Home Study Report, IAN will:

  • Submit to Colorado State for approval
  • Submit to your international adoption agency
  • Assist and submit to immigration

Post Adoption Assistance

  • IAN will conduct a Post Adoption video meeting once arriving home in the United States.
  • Dependent upon country and court requirements, post-adoption home visits and reports will be conducted.
  • A social worker will conduct an in-home visit within two weeks of arriving home and monthly visits until adoption is finalized.
  • Ongoing support and resources will be provided.

Adoption Validation

Re-validate or finalize adoption (country dependent) in the State of Colorado through the court system in order to receive the U.S. Birth Certificate for you child.

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