Home Study Services

International Adoption Net is licensed by the State of Colorado to provide home study services to prospective adoptive parents. Our vast experience in both international and domestic adoption provides us with a great deal of knowledge to aid adoptive parents in their journey.

With so many home study agencies, why choose IAN?

  • IAN is fully licensed and Hague accredited. Only Hague accredited agencies can provide home study services.
  • We provide home study services to all of Colorado.
  • Our professional and knowledgeable home study social workers average more than 10 years of experience, and have a wide variety of adoption experience.
  • We have experience completing home studies for many international programs including: Ethiopia, Uganda, India, Guatemala, Ukraine, Russia, Costa Rica, Ghana, Vietnam, Democratic Republic of Congo, China, Maldova, Ukraine, Mexico, Bulgaria, just to name a few! IAN is able to complete a home study for any international program, and flexible to meet any program guidelines with in Hague and State regulations.
  • Our adoptive parent training meets all Hague and state standards, covers a wide range of topics, and is taught by top social work professionals.
  • Our prices are competitive, and our service is professional, timely, and caring.
  • We have several social workers located in Colorado, so we are able to provide services to pretty much every area of the state!
  • Through various partnerships we are able to connect families in CA, TX, NY and OH for seamless home study and placement services.

All homestudies in Colorado are done by the required SAFE home study format and procedure. This is accepted in all countries, US states and meets Hague requirements. For more information about SAFE, please visit- http://www.safehomestudy.org/Home/

All home studies completed by IAN will also come with post adoption reports (varies based on the requirements of the court decree) and validation services as part of your total fees. Validation is the process in which you go to the local county court, we process ours in Arapahoe county, and get a Colorado court decree of adoption, and can change your child’s name for the Colorado birth certificate. For more info please see our post adoption services page. Training is also arranged based on state laws, USCIS requirements, and vary based on which program you are adopting from.

Contact us to get your home study started today, and be one step closer to growing your family!