The Adoption Process

Adoptive Parents: The Process

  1. Submit your application online through here.
  2. Complete a Home Study with a qualified homestudy worker.
  3. Attend adoptive parent training classes. You can view a schedule here.
  4. Create a non-identifying Family Profiles. Your adoption coordinator will give you guidelines to help you create this profile. These are for birth parent(s) to review and help with their decision when choosing a family for their child.
  5. You will review birth parent information and decide which situations to show your Family Profile.
  6. The birth parent(s) will review your profile and select you. Meeting the birth parent(s) would occur after this. Click here to find out more.
  7. Placement will occur. Adoption Network of Colorado will guide you through this process.
  8. Adoption Network of Colorado will help with finalization of adoption and post-placement supervision.