What About My Expenses?

Financial Assistance With Your Pregnancy

Finances can have a major impact on your decision when considering your pregnancy options. Most women have worries about resources and costs when they learn they are pregnant.

How will the medical bills be covered?

Will adoption cost me anything?

*Living expenses: Many states allow adoptive families to assist the birthmother with pregnancy related expenses. Adoption Network of Colorado can help you obtain financial assistance. You may receive help with living expenses such as rent and food, as well as maternity clothes, and transportation costs. Colorado does regulate the amount of birth parent expenses we are allowed to provide.

*Medical expenses: Adoption Network of Colorado will also help you apply for benefits to cover your medical expenses as provided by Medicaid and/or private medical insurance. If no such support is available, the adoptive parents will help you with the medical expenses.

*Attorney and agency fees: There is nothing for you to worry about. We will handle every detail of the adoption process. We also cover all the attorney and agency counseling fees. Every detail of your legal work will be provided to you at no cost.