How Long is the Process to Adopt from China?

2-6 months: Home Study
-Pre-adoption classes
-Hague training
-Home study documents
-Home study meetings
-Finalization of home study

1.5-3 months: United States Citizenship and Immigration Approval

1-2 months: Dossier Preparation and Translation
*Can be prepared while awaiting USCIS approval*
-Collect, notarize, certify, and authenticate documents
-IAN submits dossier to China

3+ months (boys): Wait for Referral
9+ months (girls)
*Wait time varies by gender preference, age desired, and openness to medical/special needs, as well as age of adoptive parents.

4-6 months: Wait for Travel
-China issues LOA/LSC
-US grants Provisional Approval
-Apply for child’s immigrant visa
-Apply for Chinese travel visas for adoptive parents/travel companions
-Await Travel Approval from China

Approximately 2 weeks: Travel to China
-Meet your child
-Finalize adoption in country
-Attend child’s medical exam
-Attend consulate appointment
-Receive child’s passport and travel visa
-Return home

6 months-5 years: Post Placement
-Meet with social worker to complete post adoption reports
-Apply for child’s new birth certificate, passport, and social security card