Parent Training Sessions and Webinar Schedules

Parents should always check IAN Facebook Page for any changes regarding Parent Training Schedule.

Online Webinar Schedules:

We can only a limited number of families per webinar session and these sessions fill up fast. Register early and reserve your spot today by contacting your coordinator.

Travel webinars for each program are held as needed. These will prepare your family to travel to for your adoption and to bring your child home. Your coordinator will schedule those for before you travel for court.

Parent Training Sessions (Face to Face sessions):

International Adoptions- 24 hours of training required for those living in Colorado

Domestic Adoptions- 16 hours of training required for those living in Colorado

Please see the descriptions below for the topics covered in each session.

Session I:

1.Attachment and Bonding

2.Discipline and Boundaries

3.Grief and Loss

4.Parenting Techniques

5.Key Concepts of Child Growth and Development

Session II:

1.Raising the Emotionally Abused Child

2.Complications with Institutionalization and Multiple Caregivers

3. Childhood Trauma and Stress

4.Parenting a Special Needs Child

5.Emotional, Medical, Genetic, Developmental Risk Factors Associated with Children from Country of Origin.

Sesson III:

1. Adoption as a Life Long Commitment

2. On Going Contact with Biological Family

3. Understanding of Legal Issues and Adoption Process

4. Post Placement Requirements

5. What to Expect from a Referral

Session IV:

1. Raising a Child of a Different Race

2. Providing a Cultural Foundation

3. Travel Preparation

4. Things to Learn While you Wait

5. Culture

Session V: Online Training (If you do not have a login and password, or if you are unsure which sections to complete, please contact IAN at 303-691-0808 or contact your coordinator.)

1.Online Training USCIS

2.Cultural Sensitivity

Additional Program specific training may be required. Contact your coordinator for more information.

Supplemental training may be requested at the descretion of the agency on a case by case basis depending on the circumstances of your adoption.