How Can I Help?

Maybe at this point in time, you are not ready to adopt or to sponsor a child. There are always other ways to help the children in China and Ethiopia. IAN works in numerous regions and orphanages in China and Ethiopia. In doing so, we constantly strive to do humanitarian projects to help China as a whole. Below are just a few ways to help out some of these children. Please contact us if you have any interest in helping:

1. Kachene: Kachene is an orphanage that is more like a shelter for girls. Currently, there about 340 girls living at Kachene. For the younger girls, going to school means the local public school. However, the older girls only get to attend school if someone helps pay for their costs. Right now, there are 19 girls at Kachene who are in need of funding for school. For 17 of those girls, $200 covers the cost of one year of schooling, books, transportaion and meals at school. The two other girls are in University and their costs are $400 a year. The previous agency that had been sponsoring these young ladies, has since stopped their sponsorhip program as of December 2013.

Kachene is also in need of bed sheets and blankets.

2. Kolfe: Kolfe is the brother orphanage/shelter to Kachene. It houses about 200-250 boys. These boys are mostly abandoned boys who would still be living on the streets if they hadn’t found their way to Kolfe one way or another. Kolfe is always in need of bed sheets and blankets as well. However, the director of Kolfe and the boys, have asked us to help them get a television and a pool table( or a few of each). There is absolutely no way to entertain themselves within Kolfe, therefore the boys leave to go to the pool halls and wander the streets, especailly those boys who are not in school.