Adoptive Parent Services Offered

Intake Interview

You will meet with a caseworker who will provide an overview of the adoption process, fees, costs, adoption laws, Agency policies, goals, and signing of all required documents.

Home Study

A Home Study consists of interviews, both joint and individually, including interviews with any children in your home, review of documents, obtaining background clearances, and educational classes. A home visit will be conducted to view your house and neighborhood, and a safety inspection will be completed.

Adoption Education Classes

Training classes are required by the State of Colorado and Adoption Network of Colorado will provide training. The training will prepare you for the realities of adopting and parenting a child as well as allow you to form supportive relationships with other adoptive families.

Out of State Families

For out of state families, Adoption Network of Colorado can be your placement agency. That means we will work with you with all the child placement and birth parent(s). You can work with a local agency for a home study and adoption training classes.

Meeting the Birthmother

  • You will prepare an Personal Family Profile for birth parent(s) to review at the time they are selecting the family. Adoption Network of Colorado will provide you with guidelines, examples, and suggestions concerning the letters and photographs to include in the profile.
  • When chosen by birth parent(s), clients are provided with the social and medical history forms completed by the birth parent(s), informed concerning any expenses required by the birth parents, and other relevant information.

If the clients reside in Colorado, a “match meeting” with the birth parent(s) will be scheduled. This is a facilitated meeting attended by the adoptive family, the birth parent(s), and an Adoption Network of Colorado caseworker. Topics of discussion may include, the pregnancy, the hospital plan, desired contact before the birth, and the amount of openness between the parties, in the future.

Hospital Discharge

A birth parent counselor will be present at the hospital before and after the birth of the baby in interface with the birth parent(s), the adoptive family, and hospital staff. Adoption Network of Colorado will prepare all court documents and required hospital paperwork. Adoption Network of Colorado will coordinate the placement process to completion.

Interstate/Interagency Agreements

  • The Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) enables facilitation of an adoption in which the birth parent(s) and the adoptive family reside in different states.
  • Services provided: Completion of the ICPC paperwork if Colorado is the sending state (the state where the baby is born) including completing the paperwork and coordinating the ICPC process and approval through CDHS.
  • If Colorado is the receiving state, the caseworker submits the proper fees to CDHS. The sending state forwards the ICPC packet to the State of Colorado contract agency for approval.

Court Approval of Placement

Adoption Network of Colorado will assist you in finding an attorney to file the Petition for Adoption within thirty days after placement of the baby with you. Another option is to retain Adoption Network of Colorado to file the Petition and subsequent documents required for finalization of your adoption.


Adoption Network of Colorado completes all court documents for the relinquishment of parental rights. Once a court date is obtained, Adoption Network of Colorado will contact the adoptive family.

Foster Care Licensing

If you reside in the State of Colorado, you will be licensed as a “Foster/Adopt” home from the time of placement to the date of adoption finalization (usually six or seven months after placement). Adoption Network of Colorado will be given guardianship through a court order and will be able to consent to the adoption of your child.

Post Placement Supervision

Post-placement supervision is required by the State of Colorado for a period of six months after placement. Several face-to-face visits with the child and all family member are necessary. This process is to provide support for you and to ensure the physical and emotional well being of your child. We will assist you with techniques to use towards successful attachment and adjustment between your family and your child.


At the end of the six-month period, you will finalize the adoption of your child in the appropriate district court. Adoption Network of Colorado will complete and assemble all court documents for finalization, accompany you to the court hearing and provide testimony on your behalf. We will obtain certified copies of the Final Adoption Decree for you and for Adoption Network of Colorado’s file.