Congress Enacts Intercountry Adoption Information Act

From the National Council For Adoption, October 1, 2020

Yesterday, Congress enacted the Intercountry Adoption Information Act which is now awaiting the President’s signature to be made law.  The following is a description of this legislation by Congressional staff who worked on this legislation:

The Intercountry Adoption Information Act would amend the Intercountry Adoption Act of 2000 to require the U.S. State Department to provide additional information on the following:

  • *Countries that have enacted policies to prevent or prohibit adoptions to the United States;
  • *Actions taken by the State Department which have prevented adoptions to the United States;
  • *The ways in which the State Department has worked to encourage resuming adoptions in both cases.

This information is critical for American families to adopt from countries that have established barriers to adoption, such as Russia or Ethiopia, or other areas where the State Department has suspended intercountry adoption, such as abandoned children in Nepal. 

You can read more about the Intercountry Adoption Information Act here.