Happy Ethiopian New Year!

እንቁጣጣሽ Happy New Years Ethiopia!!

On September 11, 2014 Ethiopians will be celebrating one of the biggest holidays of the nation, New years! Also known as እንቁጣጣሽ (Enkutatash)! According to the Ethiopian calendar, the current year is 2006 which means in two days we will be dancing, eating, drinking to bring in the New Years of 2007.

This is the time when the entire Ethiopia is covered with the yellow flower called Adye abeba (yellow wild flowers). In my family this is how we celebrated new year’s.

The preparation begins 3days before, September 11. We get lamb and chicken which is traditional meat to sacrifice on holidays. The elder man usually my grandpa or dad blesses the meat before it is cut and prepared to cook. Then for two days the women of the house will cook with guidance from my mom. This processes is long do to my mom inviting to many people which included, family, friends, guests or random person who I don’t ever remember meeting before the holiday. All the cooking the cleaning out with the old and in with the new of everything is done on September 10.

On September 11 me and my siblings (mostly me-the youngest) wake up everyone to have them get ready for the day. After everyone is in their best traditional outfits, the women including my older sister prepare the table to eat. At this time the guests, families, friends and the random person are at my house. Then before we eat all the girls including my cousins start giving out the Adye Abeba to the elders for an exchange of blessings and candy money.

Then my grandpa gets everyone quite for him to bless the food for us to eat. Then eating, laughter, joy, prayer, blessing is over taken the room! After the fest, it is time for Buna (coffee) celebration. While the adults are drinking Buna, me and my cousins will be dancing to entertain the families, friends, and guests. Then in the afternoon, we go to another family’s house to repeat the celebration!