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Looking Towards the Future for Chinese Adoptions

More changes were announced this week for the China adoption program. Just two weeks ago, agencies and families learned that the CCCWA placed tighter restrictions on adoptive families, including ...
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Updated China Adoption Requirements

Recently China updated their adoption regulations concerning international families who desire to adopt. There are new qualifications to consider if you are interested in adopting from this program. ...
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Little Zi waiting for her forever family!

For those of us who are lucky enough to have a loving Father, we know the feeling of love and protection. Little Zi knows this love…and misses it. In all my years of working as an international ...
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Important Adoption Announcement

Important Adoption Update!! ast month we were informed by the State Department that they would be enacting yet another round of heavy regulations for international adoptions. We were given only 42 ...
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Introducing sweet "Matthew", waiting for his forever family!

"Matthew" is an adorable, HAPPY little boy who happens to have extra lower body parts due to having an incomplete conjoined twin. He has underwent surgery for some of the physical ...
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India Waiting Kids: Special Need Spotlight on Ambiguous genitalia

This Blog post is written by one of our Adoption Coordinators, Angela. As an experienced international adoption specialist for 11 years, I’ve seen a variety of medical conditions with children ...
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