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Updated China Adoption Requirements

Recently China updated their adoption regulations concerning international families who desire to adopt. There are new qualifications to consider if you are interested in adopting from this program. ...
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The Importance of the Post Adoption Report

At least when the adoption is done, I won’t have any more paperwork! Wait…there’s more???!!! By the time adoptive parents are granted legal custody of their child, they have ...
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Transfer of EACI India and China adoption cases to IAN

As many of you know, EACI adoption agency lost it's Hague status in December of 2016. As a result they had to move all their programs to other agencies. IAN was identified to take on India and ...
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Little Zi waiting for her forever family!

For those of us who are lucky enough to have a loving Father, we know the feeling of love and protection. Little Zi knows this love…and misses it. In all my years of working as an international ...
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5 Questions to Ask If You Are Considering Adoption

/contact.aspx This is a guest post from our partner Diane Hogan. She is an adoptive parent twice over, adoption and education expert, and President of A Step Ahead Adoption Services. Are you a family ...
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Mexico Hosting Program!

IAN is excited to announce a new hosting program with our Mexico program! Joan recently returned from Mexico where she signed a contract with a specific Mexican State. This means that, in addition to ...
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Ethiopia Program Update and Hosting program!

Over the past year or so the Ethiopian program has seen many changes, both with the US side of the process as well as the process with the Ethiopian authorities. As many of you know the PAIR process, ...
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CItizenship Certificates and Social Security Cards

Citizenship Certificates and Social Security Cards Hello Families! We have a little update for you about post arrival documents. First, it seems to be taking longer for Citizen Certificates to come in ...
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