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The Importance of the Post Adoption Report

At least when the adoption is done, I won’t have any more paperwork! Wait…there’s more???!!! By the time adoptive parents are granted legal custody of their child, they have ...
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Ethiopia Update from Department of State

By now, many of you have seen the update posted on the Department of State website regarding Ethiopia. You can find the article here if you have not already read it: ...
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Ethiopia Program Update and Hosting program!

Over the past year or so the Ethiopian program has seen many changes, both with the US side of the process as well as the process with the Ethiopian authorities. As many of you know the PAIR process, ...
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Melkam Gena (Merry Christmas)!!

Hello all! To celebrate Gena with our Ethiopian children today, Heaven would like to share her memories of the holiday from when she was a child in Ethiopia. We hope you enjoy learning about these ...
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