History of IAN

Established in 1999, International Adoption Net (IAN) is a licensed, full-service child placement agency and a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization in Centennial, Colorado in the United States of America. We are a Hague-accredited agency, and have been so since 2008. We are also an active member of the Joint Council on International Children's Services, a membership based advocacy group working to ensure that orphaned and vulnerable children can live, grow, and flourish in a safe, permanent and loving family.

In fall of 1999 Joan Strauss and a colleague started International Adoption Net in a small church office in Denver in pursuit of the fulfilment of their dream of helping orphans around the world.

In the first few years, IAN concentrated on home study services and slowly built a client base, averaging about 20-30 adoptions each year.

By 2004, In addition to home study services, IAN had active adoption programs established in Guatemala, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, as well as birth parent counselling, domestic placement, post-adoption service and home study services. IAN also established its website in 2004: http://www.internationaladoption.net. IAN experienced a steady growth of clients over the next few years.

IAN continued to provide service to an ever-growing client base in 2006, and during this time period established its Ethiopia Program.

By 2007, IAN had experienced a significant jump in applications and adoptive families seeking placement assistance, providing service to over 100 adoptive families each year.

In 2008, IAN received its Hague-accreditation by the Colorado Department of Human Services, ranking it among a select group of adoption agencies nationwide, which operates with the highest ethical standards. We renewed in 2016, and are now Hague approved through 2020! We hold the highest standards for all our cases from start to finish, and past.

From 2009 to present, IAN continues to experience a growth in client base and service provision. To date, IAN has successfully placed more than 500 children in loving homes nationwide, from every region of the globe, with that number growing monthly. We now have offices in two states, Colorado and Florida, and contractors in two more. We have many experienced staff members standing by to help you carefully consider your options for your family. We would be honored to be a part of your adoption story!

International Adoption Net is a licensed Child Placement Agency in the State of Colorado and provides international adoption programs, birth mother counseling and domestic adoption services. IAN is a Non-Profit, 501(c)3 organization and is COA and Hague accredited.

Currently Active Programs:




Ukraine (Supervised Provider Program)



Past Programs:

Uganda- suspended due to regulation changes, still licensed to operate).








Family Assessment / Homestudy

Because we are primarily a child-welfare organization, our first priority – like yours – is to ensure that children are placed in a safe, healthy and loving environment. The children’s health and wellness after placement is our top priority. To that end we carefully screen prospective adoptive parents and they must provide positive documentation for: state and federal criminal clearances, child abuse clearance, positive medical exams, strong financial statements and multiple personal references from non-family members, employment verification, and psychological examination, as required. In addition, the case worker personally meets with the family for six weeks during the investigation to discuss their motivation to adopt, abilities to parent a child(ren), support system, preparation for international adoption, and more. While we do feel that all families deserve the opportunity to be considered for international adoption, this process is not the best option for all families, and we approve families at our discretion.

Adoption Education & Training

By Colorado regulations, adoptive parents are required to undergo 24 hours of adoption-related training and education. Topics include, but are not limited to; understanding the post-institutionalized child, effects of institutionalism on a child, how to facilitate bonding/attachment, understanding and responding to trans-racial adoption issues, 7-core stages of adoption, talking with children about adoption, and more. We also prepare them for travel to the foreign country.

Child Referral & Placement

Referral and placement is made to qualified prospective adoptive parents in the United States, upon completion of the approved homestudy. We strive first to match the needs of the child to the adoptive family and secondarily, meet the needs of the adoptive family.

Dossier Preparation

IAN educates each family about the importance of proper dossier preparation and provides expert guidance through the process. Each dossier is thoroughly reviewed for accuracy before being sent abroad. Dossiers are carefully prepared and professionally presented for consideration in the foreign country.

Counseling & Referral

Counseling for services to adoptive families as needed in the areas of mental health services, medical services, attachment and therapeutic services, adoption support groups, etc.

Post Placement Services

To ensure the child’s safe and comfortable transition into the adoptive family, and to assist the adoptive family with a healthy and happy transition, IAN provides a minimum of three (3) post placement visits within the first six months of the child’s arrival in the US after adoption. We also provide annual visits and reports for three years. More can be arranged if required.

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